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Doctor Who's upcoming special to celebrate the BBC's 100th anniversary is to pay tribute to former Doctors, according to reports.

The Mirror reports that - as previously reported after he was spotted on set - Bradley Walsh will reprise his role as the Doctor's friend Graham O'Brien. And for the first time since the show returned to BBC One in 2005, The Master, the Daleks and the Cybermen will all feature in one single story.

The Doctor - and other characters - are also set to wear items of clothing worn by previous Doctors in the special. The Mirror reports these including a long scarf like Tom Baker's Doctor, a stick of celery in a nod to Peter Davison's Doctor and checked trousers like Patrick Troughton's Doctor.

Plus appearances from the iconic question mark jumper as worn by Sylvester McCoy's Doctor and David Tennant Doctor's brown and blue suits.

A source told The Mirror: "Getting Jodie - and some others - to wear some of the best-loved items from the Doctor's wardrobes over the decades, seems a fitting and perfect way to mark the BBC's 100 year anniversary."

The outlet to on to reveal that the plot of the special will see a "gathering" of some of the Doctor's previous companions. The Mirror reports that "former friends and companions are understood to have been recorded in secret."

The BBC have previous revealed that Janet Fielding as Tegan Jovanka - companion to both the Fourth and Fifth Doctors -- and Sophie Aldred as Ace - companion to the Seventh Doctor, will reprise their roles on screen for the first time since leaving the show.

Showrunner Chris Chibnall says: “Jodie’s final feature-length story contains a plethora of treats and surprises for audiences and fans, not least the return of two of the most beloved companions in the show’s history...

"They’ll be helping the Doctor fight on three fronts, against her deadliest enemies: the Master, Daleks and Cybermen, in one huge story! For the BBC’s Centenary, we’ll be celebrating the past, present and future of Doctor Who, in a fittingly thrilling, epic and emotional send-off for the Thirteenth Doctor."

Janet Fielding says: “In some ways it was a very different experience to what it was like when I finished recording in 1983, but in many ways it was very similar. It was so lovely to be a working member of the Doctor Who family again.”

Sophie Aldred says: “It’s been quite a challenge to have such a big secret to keep, even from my family, and I couldn’t be more thrilled and excited to have been asked back. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I adored being part of the TARDIS team again.”

Also confirmed to be taking to the screen for the Doctor’s epic battle for survival are Vinder (Jacob Anderson) and Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) .

Written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Jamie Magnus Stone, the feature-length special will air later this year as part of the BBC’s Centenary celebrations.

More details will be revealed in due course.

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