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A first look at Doctor Who’s Spring Special has revealed the long awaited return of the Sea Devils, a classic monster first seen with the third Doctor Jon Pertwee in The Sea Devils (1972).

Sea Devil | BBC Studios/James Pardon

It's also been revealed that the episode will air this Easter on BBC One, and will have a running time of one-hour. This news was revealed by Haolu Wang, who has revealed herself as the director of the episode.

This episode finds the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Yaz (Mandip Gill) and Dan (John Bishop) in 19th century China, where a small coastal village is under threat – from both the fearsome pirate queen Madame Ching (Crystal Yu) and a monstrous alien force which she unwittingly unleashes.

Will the Doctor, Yaz and Dan emerge from this swashbuckling battle with the Sea Devils to save the planet?

The first look trail, which aired after the New Year’s Day Special Eve of the Daleks, also introduced cast members Arthur Lee as Ji-Hun and Marlowe Chan-Reeves as Ying Ki. First look images of the cast can be found below...

Madam Ching (CRYSTAL YU) | BBC Studios/James Pardon

Ying Ki (MARLOWE CHAN-REEVES) | BBC Studios/James Pardon

Ji-Hun (ARTHUR LEE) | BBC Studios/James Pardon

Legend of the Sea Devils will air this Easter, with further details to be confirmed in due course.

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