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After fourteen series and over 150 episodes, Channel 4 have decided not to recommission hit wedding format Don't Tell The Bride.

The format sees grooms take control of their wedding day leaving the bride -to-be clinging to the hope that her future husband can give her the wedding day of her dreams.

With no contact between the couple for three weeks the groom is on his own organising everything from the venue and the cake to the flowers and the all-important wedding dress.

The format started on BBC Three in 2007. In 2015 when it was revealed BBC Three would moving online, the series aired on BBC One. Sky picked up the format for one series in 2016 before 'a change in editorial direction' which saw them ditch the format.

It was then picked up by Channel 4 for an 18-episode series on E4. Since the Pandemic, E4 have aired a series of 'Revisited' episodes where viewers catch-up with couples who married on the show to relive the big day and find out what happened next.

A source told The Sun: "People are flocking to E4 right now to watch [Married At First Sight UK] in their millions - but whilst there’s no plans for [Don't Tell The Bride] to return at the moment, it’s clear that people love the chaos and drama that wedding fever brings - so who knows what could happen!"

Don't Tell The Bride is available to stream on Channel 4.


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