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PREVIEW: DNA Journey (Episode 3), ITV

Martin and Roman Kemp take a family road trip of a different kind - one that delves into their family history that spans North London and the North East. Using both DNA and genealogy, they are able to unlock long held secrets of the past and meet close family they never knew existed.

Roman has been brought up hearing, on his Mum's side, the family folk lore of ancestors living in palaces in Egypt - treating it with a healthy dose of scepticism. However, the truth is even more fantastical...and the journey starts with Night at the British Museum.

Growing up in poverty in Islington, Martin comes face to face with a past that was never spoken about as he hears tales of female heroism about a Nan he never knew and is emotionally reunited with her unmarked grave.

Both celebrities are shocked and emotional to find ancestors leading parallel lives with their own - finding those who dared to dream and those who dared to survive. It's almost like it's written in their DNA.

DNA Journey concludes Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.

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