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The final exchanges are in, here's a list of new and returning programming for week commencing 20th April 2024.

New and returning programming

In For A Penny (New Series) - Gameshow

Saturday 20th April, 6pm, ITV1

In With A Shout (New Series) - Gameshow

Saturday 20th April, 6:30pm, ITV1

Britain's Got Talent (New Series) - Entertainment

Saturday 20th April, 7:30pm, ITV1

Our Changing Planet: Restoring Our Reefs (New) - Factual

Sunday 21st April, 86pm, BBC One

Red Eye (New Series) - Drama

Sunday 21st April, 9pm, ITV1

Ibiza: Secrets of the Party Island (New) - Fact Ent

Sunday 21st April, 9pm, BBC Three

The Yorkshire Vet (New Series) - Factual

Tuesday 23rd April, 8pm, Channel 5

Gary Glitter: The Popstar Paedophile (New) - Factual

Tuesday 23rd April, 9pm, ITV1

Love Triangle (New Series) - Reality

Tuesday 23rd April, 9pm, E4

The Red King (New Series) - Drama

Wednesday 24th April, 9pm, Alibi

Reuben Owen: Life In The Dales (New Series) - Fact Ent

Thursday 25th April, 8pm, Channel 5

Hold The Front Page (New Series) - Entertainment

Thursday 25th April, 9pm, Sky Max

Joe & Katherine's Bargain Holidays (New Series) - Fact Ent

Thursday 25th April, 10pm, Channel 4


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