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The cameras are following Dani in an emotionally raw documentary, Dani Dyer: Is This Anxiety? (1x60’), produced by Summer Films for E4, as she addresses her own anxieties, asks why so many young mums feel the same and why it’s not spoken about more.

In this candid one-off film, Dani reveals her personal struggles during her first pregnancy, coping with the isolating loneliness of being a new mum, as well as how the weight of being a ‘good mum’ has negatively impacted her and many other mothers’ mental health.

To understand more about the rise in anxiety in young mothers, Dani puts a shout-out on her socials that connects her with a variety of mums who have been impacted by anxiety in different ways.

On her film, Dani Dyer said: “Anxiety is a topic that everyone’s heard about, but we still don’t openly talk about our experiences. It can affect anyone, but as a young mum, it can be overwhelming at a time that’s already challenging and daunting...

"I’m really excited to be working with E4 and Summer Films to explore this topic, remove the stigma associated with mental health and meet other mums in the UK who have struggled with the pressures of what a supposed ‘good mum’ looks like.”

Commissioning Editor, Mel Bezalel said: “Millions of us have followed Dani since her stint in the villa, having fallen for her honesty, warmth and down to earth nature. Her candidness on motherhood and how it’s changed her life – for better and for worse – is refreshing, necessary and this discussion about anxiety and parenthood feels long overdue...

"The exclusive access Dani has given us makes this an important documentary we’re proud to have on E4 and All 4.”

Sam Whittaker of Summer Films said: “We are extremely grateful to Dani and everyone else involved for bravely putting trust in us to tell their stories, and making a film that we hope helps normalise conversations around anxiety in pregnancy and early parenthood.”

Dani Dyer: Is This Anxiety? will air on E4 and All 4 soon.


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