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Channel 4 are reportedly developing a new cookery competition titled Cutthroat Kitchen.

The series, which is understood to still be in the development stages, will see a group of contestants not only aim to produce the best dishes, but each contestant will also be tasked with sabotaging their fellow competitors' dishes.

The format already airs in America, where each round contestants can spend money on buying a chance to ruin one of their rivals' dished, whether that be tampering with equipment or adding or removing an ingredient.

In 2020, the BBC were developing a similar format called Rat In The Kitchen, which was set to be hosted by Mary Berry. In 2021, following the Pandemic, the BBC shelved the project

A source told The Sun: "Of course, they can’t just repeat the formula, so now they’re looking at different ways they can use that thirst for back-stabbing into different genres...

"Cookery shows have already evolved from Delia Smith’s twee afternoon tutorials to Hell’s Kitchen-style competitions thanks to the likes of Gordon Ramsey. So though it sounds like a bizarre combination, this would just be taking the genre to the next level."

More details will be revealed in due course.


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