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Relationships reach breaking point as the Rovers Return for an action packed Christmas and New Year on the cobbles.

As the big day approaches Jenny and Daisy are determined to raise the funds to buy back the pub. As they resort to desperate measures will they succeed in doing enough to secure the future of the street’s favourite watering hole?

Meanwhile Daisy’s own future is also up in the air, her affair with Ryan exposed, Daniel has turned his back on her. Refusing to give up, Daisy’s hopeful of a reconciliation. Will they be kissing under the mistletoe again this Christmas? 

Peter bids farewell to Weatherfield in what’s both a heart warming and heart breaking Christmas for Carla.

Ever since he killed Stephen, Peter has been battling his old demons, increasingly tempted by the bottle as he struggles with Carla’s single mindedness to get the factory back on track. Will this come at the expense of her marriage or can Peter and Carla look to the future together?

As Ed struggles to contain his urges to gamble again, the arrival of dad Sarge does little to help his self esteem. As his old habit gets the better of him, Ed descends to a heartbreaking new low which will impact on Christmas for the whole Bailey family.

Gemma and Paul are both facing their own heartache with mum Bernie behind bars. All too aware it might be Paul’s last Christmas, Paul and Billy battle to make every moment count, while Gemma struggles with relationships at home in the wake of the accusations about her parenting.

But in true Winter-Brown style the families pull together to make it a Christmas to remember. 

However as 2023 comes to a close and the New Year dawns it seems the drama is only just beginning for some. Viewers can expect fireworks when Bethany Platt explodes back onto the street for a surprise visit. Is there more to her sudden arrival than a family catch up?

As well as having her daughter back Sarah’s also rocked by the return of ex Damon. After spending a promising New Year’s Eve with estranged husband Adam it looks like a reconciliation could be on the cards. But just as Sarah dares to dream Damon walks back into her life, determined to take his revenge on Adam and win back the love of his life. 

And when Rob Donovan’s son comes knocking on ‘Auntie Carla’s’ door, whirlwind Bobby soon throws Carla’s life into a spin. Is Bobby just what she needs or is he about to cause even more chaos on the cobbles?

Coronation Street airs on ITV1 and ITVX.

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