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To complement Coronation Street and Emmerdale’s transmission on ITV throughout the Euros, it has been announced that for four weeks starting from June 14th, all episodes for each coming week will be made available on the ITV Hub on every Monday,

The residents of Coronation Street will be forced to decide whose side they’re on this season as it becomes clear that all’s not fair in love and war in Weatherfield.

As the key players line up against each other this summer, viewers will see Paul go head to head with Todd for Billy’s affections, Fiz do battle with Tyrone as she fights for their girls following his affair with Alina, and Johnny tackling Jenny over her fling with Ronnie.

Johnny may feel like the wronged party after Jenny slept with Ronnie while he was in prison. But Team Jenny supporters will point out he was far from the model husband as he was sent down for a serious historical crime. Team Paul fans will be rooting for him to uncover Todd’s scheming ways which won Billy back. But Todd’s roguish charm and clear love for Billy will see others on his side as they back Team Todd.

Courage, revenge, deception, secrets and betrayal are the themes creating sensational drama in Emmerdale this summer. A series of gripping storylines will be at the forefront of the much loved Yorkshire based soap as four of Emmerdale’s female characters take centre stage.

Kim is still the victim of mind games and as her paranoia continues she sets another trap for her nearest and dearest. Played magnificently by Claire King, Kim feels utterly betrayed by recent events, but will her detective work pay off and will she catch her culprit. Or is Kim in mortal danger?

Manipulative Meena, played by Paige Sandhu, continues to meddle in Jacob and David’s lives. When Jacob, played by Joe Warren Plant, scuppers her plans to move in with David (Matthew Wolfenden), how far will she go to get what she wants?

One of life’s true survivors, Faith, played by Sally Dexter, fears her cancer may have returned. We see her try to bury these concerns rather than face them head on and when a situation is misconstrued how far will she go to keep this secret from her family?

Besotted with her first child Frankie, Tracy, played by Amy Walsh, takes her concerns for the child’s safety too far. Those feelings are taking control of her and she risks alienating those closest to her. Will she seek the help she so desperately needs before things get any worse?

In amongst this drama also airing across the summer, there is wedding day confusion when Leyla, played by Roxy Shahidi sees Liam’s (Johnny McPhearson) former fiance Bernice, played by Samantha Giles, dressed in her old wedding dress on her actual wedding day. What is Bernice thinking? Surely Liam’s not going to have a change of heart at the last minute?

Emmerdale will also celebrate its first Pride event with a fabulous guest appearance from Drag Race UK’s, The Vivienne.


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