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The series follows former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson as he attempts to run a farm in the countryside.

A third series was announced last Autumn, which will see Jeremy and the team tackle the unfarmed part of the farm, which makes up almost half of the entire 1,000 acre site.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Television Festival about a potential recommission, Amazon Prime execs said: "There are a lot of conversations like that going on. We decided not to interrupt season 3 which is halfway through production, but no decisions have been made. It is a very complex topic, as we've just seen. So we don't know yet is the short answer to that, but we are not interrupting the current production of the show."

Jeremy Clarkson said: "I'm genuinely thrilled that we are doing a third season of Clarkson’s Farm. I’ve had some great new ideas, all of which have made Charlie, Lisa and Kaleb deeply unhappy."

Kaleb Cooper said: "I’m over the moon to be taking part again. Well, they do say third time’s a charm. Maybe this will be the series that Jeremy finally starts taking advice from a real farmer."

Dan Grabiner, Head of UK Originals, Amazon Studios: “We are delighted to be joining the team for another year-in-the-life of Diddly Squat, and wish Kaleb and farmers across the country luck as Mother Nature continues to take revenge on Jeremy.”

Previous series of Clarkson's Farm are available on Prime Video.


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