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The highest ratings programme of Christmas week (25th-31st December 2023) have been revealed by BARB.

The most-watched event of the week was the New Year's Eve fireworks on BBC One with just over 11.4m. Either side of the fireworks, Rick Astley Rocks New Year's Eve was watched by 5,766,000 and 5,735,000 respectively.

Drama ruled the week, with Call The Midwife coming out on top with 7,659,000. Just behind was Doctor Who: The Church On Ruby Road with 7,487,000.

Elsewhere in drama, Murder Is Easy debuted with 6.8m, Death In Paradise with 6.6m, Vera with 5.7m. Nolly, which was stripped over three nights on ITV after landing on ITVX earlier in 2023, did not make the top-50 shows of the week.

On Christmas Day, behind Call The Midwife and Doctor Who, was The King with 6.7m, Ghosts with 6.6m, Strictly Come Dancing with 6.6m, The Wheel with 5.1m, The Masked Singer with 4.5m, The 1% Club with 4.7m and Mrs Brown's Boys with just over 4m.

In soaps, EastEnders won the week with over 5.45m for its Christmas Day episode. The highest rating Coronation Street was Wednesday nights with just under 5m, with Emmerdale peaking at 4.4m on Friday night.

Christmas Day top-10:

1 Call The Midwife (BBC One) - 7,659,000

2 Doctor Who (BBC One) - 7,487,000

3 The King (BBC One) - 6,746,000

4 Ghosts (BBC One) - 6,616,000

5 Strictly Come Dancing (BBC One) - 6,596,000

6 EastEnders (BBC One) - 5,451,000

7 Tabby McTat (BBC One) - 4,892,000

8 The 1% Club (ITV1) - 4,782,000

9 Coronation Street (ITV1) - 4,507,000

10 Mrs Brown's Boys (BBC One) - 4,066,000

A full breakdown can be found on BARB's website here.


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