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The (6x60') series will look at some of the most ingenious animals on the planet and explore the cunning skills they’ve developed in order to survive and thrive in the animal kingdom.

In each episode Chris and a team of experts will hone in on a different skill to showcase the most cunning creatures, investigating the Masterminds, Communicators, Builders, Social Networkers, Con Artists and Travellers of the animal kingdom.

Revealing startling new scientific discoveries, Chris Packham’s Animal Einsteins introduces audiences to the scientists at the forefront of animal behavioural research, who are using incredible technology to test animals intelligence like never before.

From bees that can do maths and play football, and apes that use body language humans can understand, to cuttlefish that can disguise their gender, budgies that choose mates based on intelligence, and the dung beetles that use the light of the Milky Way to navigate, this series puts the spotlight on the intelligence of the animal kingdom and the ingenuity it takes to survive.

Rosemary Edwards, Executive Producer, BBC Studios Natural History Unit said: "I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to bring Animal Einsteins to fruition despite the challenges of a global pandemic, and can’t wait for audiences to see this extraordinary side to the animal kingdom. It’s a really eye opening series, packed full of incredible wildlife and scientific discovery."


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