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The BBC are set to commission a new primetime competition series based on the game of chess. The series will be produced by Curve Media and was first reported by Broadcast.

Each episode will feature a series of 10-minute chess matches played within an "elaborate glass box" in the studio set. Players will reportedly be "very serious amateur players" from a wide range of backgrounds and ages.

Malcolm Pein, The English Chess Federation of external relations said: "Chess enjoyed a huge surge in popularity during lockdown and everyone involved is hugely excited at the prospect of delivering the game via an innovative format that will bring the 64 squares to life, not only for the millions of new players in the UK, but also to those who don’t play yet...

"Curve demonstrated to us that they understand the world’s oldest game crosses all boundaries of age, sex and community and the universal appeal of chess makes the BBC its natural home."

More details about the format will be revealed in due course.


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