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The BBC have commissioned a second series of acclaimed comedy drama Cheaters, led by Susan Wokoma (CrazyHead, Year Of The Rabbit, Enola Holmes, Taskmaster), Joshua McGuire (Anatomy Of A Scandal, Lovesick), Jack Fox (Riviera, Sanditon) and Callie Cooke (Henpocalypse, Rules of The Game).

If Cheaters series one asked if an affair can ever be ‘the right thing to do’, the second series takes a look at what happens next. The series, made by Clerkenwell Films, will air on BBC One and iPlayer.

In Cheaters series one, strangers Josh (Joshua McGuire) and Fola (Susan Wokoma) struck up a night of drunken chats in a bar after their flight from Finland was delayed. Drinks led to flirting and flirting led to sex. Actually pretty good sex.

Afterwards, Josh was full of awkward regret, while Fola was matter-of-fact. Josh couldn’t get his long-term girlfriend Esther (Callie Cooke) out of his mind, but Fola admitted in the morning that she actually had a husband of her own, Zack (Jack Fox). The two fly back to England - only to find out that they’re actually new neighbours…

Series two will pick up a few months after the first left off. After the adrenaline of their affair, Josh and Fola’s relationship has blossomed, and they’re closer than ever. But with her divorce from Zack not even finalised, Fola is keen to take things slow – not exactly Josh’s speed.

Josh is a ball of anxiety when it comes to the tough conversations, and he finds himself going to extreme (and unwise) lengths to ‘give her some space’. Meanwhile, with Zack quietly determined to win Fola back, and Josh’s scorned ex-girlfriend Esther returning from her travels at long last, the stage is set for some big decisions on all sides.

Can a relationship that started as an affair ever transcend its messy beginnings? Cheaters takes a hard look at love, sex, monogamy and how the heart, brain and loins are rarely on the same page.

Petra Fried, Joint Managing Director for Clerkenwell Films, says: “In the first series of Cheaters, writer Oli Lyttelton created a totally believable set of characters whose romantic complications were hilarious and compelling in equal measure...

"With the same team in front of and behind the camera, it’s great to have our Cheaters back on the BBC, giving us a chance to see if the two sets of neighbours are managing their newly-aligned relationships - and also introducing us to some intriguing newcomers, who viewers will meet in due course…”

Danielle Scott-Haughton, Commissioning Editor for BBC Drama, adds: "Series one of Cheaters really did prosper, with a fantastic response from viewers and critics alike. We're so happy to bring it back to the BBC for a second round of hilarious and heartfelt new episodes. "

More details will be announced in due course.


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