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Anne Hegerty, Mark Labbett and Shaun Wallace - three of the biggest beasts of the quizzing universe escape the confines of the studio to embark on an adventure like no other.

The 3x60' series follows The Chasers as they travel the globe to take on child geniuses, great apes and the latest robots. We get to see three of Britain’s biggest brainboxes as we’ve never seen them before.

On this intellectual journey like no other, our cerebral celebrities question if we underestimate animal intelligence by exploring the brightest sparks in the animal kingdom. They journey to America to pit their wits against a Bonobo ape who can read, a chimpanzee memory wizard, a 25-year-old gamer orang-utan called Katie and that well-known genius of the ocean, the dolphin. And, using their hearts as well as their heads, they will confront the moral challenge: that if humanity fully understood animal intelligence, would we treat them differently?

Travelling the UK, they go head-to-head with child geniuses in order to weigh up to what degree intelligence is innate or can be developed. But, while some of the UK’s brightest kids impress Anne, Mark and Shaun, they are shocked to learn that they themselves have something surprising in common, which could unlock the mystery to the trio’s amazing memories.

And finally, in Japan, our quiz masters encounter some of the world’s cleverest computers and the very latest in artificial intelligence in an attempt to find out if we humans are heading for a utopian future…or are destined to be taken over by robots.


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