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Channel 4 have officially announced that Can I Improve My Memory? has been commissioned for a 4x60' series with new presenter Sandi Toksvig. This follows a successful one-off special in 2019, which was fronted by Michael Buerk.

Every episode will see a group of celebrities facing individual challenges to learn as much as they can about a subject that they know absolutely nothing about, before being tested on it by Sandi at Memory HQ.

To help them, they’ll be given memory techniques and hacks by experts to change the way they think.  Across four knockout episodes the group will be whittled down to just one celebrity being crowned Memory Champion by Sandi.

Jamie Isaacs, Executive Producer for Avalon, said: “It’s a mix of quiz competition and features take-out, full of appealing tips for the audience. After all who doesn’t want a better memory?”

Sandi Toksvig said, “A memory competition is perfect for me to host because of my own enviable, watertight memory. I’m looking forward to putting the contestants through their paces and seeing how they can radially boost their brains.  Now, where did I leave my keys…”

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