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Channel 5 pulled the remaining two episodes of Challenge Anneka in March due to low ratings.

The iconic series, which was half way through it's four-part run on Channel 5 was been pulled after two episodes. This is understood to be due to low ratings, with the latest episode falling below half a million viewers.

The third episode was due to see Anneka tasked with building seven shops, a village green, beautiful landscaping and an onsite cafe for carers to sit in and relax. And if that isn't enough the team must also throw a party to celebrate its opening.

A Channel 5 spokesperson said: "We want to preserve the series to ensure that each episode gets the best audience possible. We hope viewers will tune in in May and enjoy watching Anneka and the amazing army of volunteers she gets to join her, in this important – and at times, very emotional – project."

A Channel 5 spokesperson previously told The Sun at the time: "The first episode of Challenge Anneka was enjoyed by 1.25 million viewers, but Saturday evenings are always highly competitive, especially at this time of year. The public and critical reaction to Challenge Anneka’s return has been amazing and we have decided to preserve the remaining two shows and reschedule them soon."

Watch the first two episodes of Challenge Anneka now on My5.


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