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Host with the most Keith Lemon continues the new series of his anarchic game show as another selection of famous faces play a range of outrageous games.

TV presenter Maya will become a regular guest on the panel after multiple appearances in the last series in which she threw herself into everything Keith asked of her.

Celebrity Juice, hosted by Keith Lemon, will return for its 25th series on Thursday 8th April on ITV2 with team captains Emily Atack and Laura Whitmore.

Press interview with Keith Lemon

How does it feel to be returning for a 25th series of Celebrity Juice and what can we expect?

It’s always fun going back to Juice. Especially after this horrendous lockdown. It’s so nice to see Emily and Laura, love those guys. It’s just so fun working with mates. And now Maya has joined us. With me and the girls surely it’s the best looking show on telly. I’m a very lucky man. And 25 series! Wow! Who knows how long Juice will go on, but I’m happy it’s lasted this long and I’m still not ready to retire. I love it!

You’ve had some brilliant guests on the show, who are you looking forward to appearing in this series?

I rarely know who’s on, I don’t book the guests. That’s my most common tweet. If I did I’m sure it would be very odd show. I just turn up and enjoy my pants. When someone is really fun they always make a return and become part of the ‘Juice family’. But again it’s always nice seeing new shocked faces on new guests!

Is there an ideal guest you’ve not had on before that you’re keen to get on the show?

My dream guest list would be Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Winona Ryder and Kylie.

What do you think it is about the combination of you, Laura and Emily that seem to make the perfect TV trio? Are we the perfect trio?

That’s very kind. I don’t know. We’re mates off screen just as we are on screen. We just have a lot of fun together and I think perhaps people enjoy watching us enjoy ourselves. And in these extremely odd times I think we need enjoyment!

You have an amazing ability to get celebrities to partake in the most ludicrous of games – how do you persuade them to get involved?

With booze and money! I don’t know. I just think Celebrity Juice is a very fun place where sometimes you forget or can’t even imagine it’s being filmed so people just let their hair down and enjoy themselves!


Press interview with Emily Atack

This is your second series as a team captain – what would you say is different about this series?

I’m going in with even more determination to win than I did in the last series, I think it’s made me a lot more competitive than I thought I was! The wonderful thing about Celebrity Juice is that it’s just so different every single series. We have no idea what’s going to be thrown at us, which is all part of the fun. Just when you think there’s no way they could come up with anything more ludicrous, they’ll strap you to a rocket and fly you to Mars, whilst wearing a neon boiler suit covered in cat food.

What’s been the most ludicrous game you’ve played so far?

Every single game is absolutely crazy. It’s how I imagine a stag do to be. I think my new favourite game is Be a Dingbat. Where you have to answer questions Keith asks you but say the opposite of what the answer is. For example - ‘Emily, do you like alcohol?’ I would have to answer ‘No’ .. it’s so much harder than you think!

What advice would you give to any first time guest appearing on the show?

Just go in with zero expectations, just go with it and have fun. It’s your only night out you can have at the moment so you may as well make the most of it!


Press interview with Laura Whitmore

This is your second series as a team captain – what would you say is different about this series?

I’m still pregnant! Ha. Just people know now which makes it easier. I was even pregnant in the first selfie promo shot of us all so it’s been long. But honestly I don’t feel like I’m working, it’s just hanging out with mates and having a laugh. The set has changed a bit and we use Perspex dividers instead of 2 metres apart desks which is great as we are physically closer together and not having to shout. I think we settled in quite quickly last series so this just feels like a new school year and hanging out with old pals.

What’s been the most ludicrous game you’ve played so far?

Ha ha the scotch egg game is pretty crazy... but then they all are aren’t they?! One of the oldest and simplest games - don’t show Keith your teeth has me in stitches. It shouldn’t be so funny but we all crack up! It so simple - you just don’t show your teeth and have to speak but it works and makes great entertaining telly!

What advice would you give to any first time guest appearing on the show?

Just go with it! Be up for everything, have a laugh. We’ve never had anyone not have fun! We just want guests to have a good night out and a giggle.


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