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The UK may have found its Eurovision entrant for this year in Mae Muller, but before the big night, our panel (Graham Norton, Lulu and Sam Ryder) will have to sit through aspiring celebrity auditions... of varying quality.

Graham Norton, Lulu and Sam Ryder judge a selection of familiar faces in the unseen celeb auditions for the next UK Eurovision song. Can Jamie Dornan sing? Have The Fizz made their mind up on their song choice? Has Tony Hadley sill got it? Will Miranda’s performance get laughs? Or will Bono outshine them all? And who will need a hug from Dermot O’Leary after it all?

When asked what Comic Relief meant to him, Graham said: “It’s a fantastic coming together, we all work in a very silly industry and it’s great that we can all come together and do something that really matters”.

When asked what makes the perfect Eurovision song Lulu said: “If I knew, don’t you think I’d be writing them every year!”.

And, when asked what memories he had of Comic Relief, Sam said: “I remember watching it with my parents growing up, and I feel like that’s such a privilege and a gift that I get to be involved with things I loved as a kid, I’m getting to experience first-hand now, so I’m really grateful.”

Tune into Comic Relief this Friday 17 March from 7pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer to see if the Eurovision hopefuls will crack under the pressure or give a note-perfect performance.


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