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E4 have commissioned The Big Celebrity Detox (w/t), a primetime 8x60' series produced by Thames and Motion Content Group, which will see celebrities undertake therapies including urine therapy, snail facials and coffee enemas.

The series will follow a group of eight celebrities as they live together at a retreat and undergo some of the most outlandish health and self-improvement exercises to help them change their lives for the better.

The group will be led by experts as they push themselves to their physical and mental limits. Celebs taking part are Kerry Katona, Martin Roberts, Toby Aromolaran, David Potts, Chloe Veitch, Megan Barton-Hansen, Princess Olga.

Channel 4's Genna Gibson said: "E4 has never seen a show like this before and it will test our celebrities like they’ve never been tested before – but also take them on a journey they’ll hopefully remember for the rest of their lives."

Amelia Brown, managing director of Thames, said: "Banishing the Botox and ditching their usual therapies for some of the wildest treatments available, the stressed-out celebs will be pushed to their limits on the path to enlightenment."

A source told The Sun: "Forget mindful yoga and lazy mornings in the sauna, in this series the celebs will be having treatments only the brave would pay to try. There is even talk of bee-sting acupuncture — where the celebs will be stung - drinking urine and using bloodsucking leeches to stimulate the skin...

They continued: "Naturally all the procedures do have some benefits and they are casting eight open-minded stars who are prepared to go on a journey. There will be experts on hand who will be guiding the celebs throughout the experience."

The Big Celebrity Detox (w/t) is a 8x60' and will launch on E4 soon.


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