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Casualty, the world’s longest running primetime medical drama has today released its summer trailer, giving viewers a glimpse of a gripping few months ahead for the popular BBC series.

Coming up, secrets and truths rise to the surface in BBC Casualty’s latest run of episodes, ‘Storm Damage’. Cam (Barney Walsh) and Siobhan (Melanie Hill) find themselves caught in a city-wide flash-flood and face their most traumatic shift yet. Haunted in the aftermath, Cam is left questioning whether the chaos of the ED is for him. But to face his future, Cam has no choice but to confront his past when it washes into Holby...

Stevie (Elinor Lawless) catches the eye of firefighter Rich (Michael Keogh) and sparks fly. But will a shocking connection burn them both? Iain (Michael Stevenson) finds his footing as a father-figure as he and Luka (Tom Mulheron) grow closer. But when they and Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) are under threat, how far will Iain go to protect his new family?

Dylan (Will Beck) thrives on the shop-floor in the absence of Patrick. But when he clashes with new Psych Liaison Nurse Sophia (Kellie Shirley) can Dylan find a friend rather than another foe? Jacob (Charles Venn) and Jan (Di Botcher) juggle 999 calls and nursery drop-offs as they care for Jacob’s grandson, Carter.

But when the search for Carter’s father intensifies, will they be able to balance the personal and professional? Rash (Neet Mohan) acclimates to being back in the ED with Tariq (Manpreet Bachu) by his side. But as Tariq steps up to be Rash’s rock, will someone be looking out for him when he crumbles?

Previous episodes of Casualty are available on BBC iPlayer.


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