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It's been revealed that Freddie Flintoff is to front a new BBC Two series, billed as 'The Repair Shop for cars'. Flintoff reportedly signed-up before his crash whilst filming Top Gear in December.

The series, revealed by The Sun, would see Freddie introduce members of the public wanting their vehicles transformed to a group of experts, with emotional and funny stories along the way. Flintoff's role has been compared to Jay Blades' role on BBC One hit The Repair Shop.

The commission has not been formerly announced by the BBC. Flintoff is on break from TV commitments following a horrifying crash in December whilst filming Top Gear. Filming on the BBC motoring series has been suspended indefinitely. It's not known when filming will resume or if Flintoff will return.

A source told The Sun: "The problem is that Freddie now has a backlog of shows which are just waiting for him to start filming. As well as Top Gear, which has been put on ice until he’s well enough to consider coming back, he has already signed up for a second series of his cricketing doc series, Field of Dreams...

They continued: "So producers have no idea when Freddie will be able to start hosting this new motoring show and it might end up being a more than a year away. Which is frustrating for execs who’d gradually been giving him more and more projects in a bid to make him ‘A BBC Face.’"

Last year, Freddie embarked on a mission to find untapped cricketing talent in his hometown of Preston. Not only did he assemble a cricket team like no other, he also helped to transform the lives of his recruits and brought together a community.

Field Of Dreams was such a success that last October, the BBC announced a second series. The series, which is set to be filmed when Flintoff is well enough, will see the star setting himself an even bigger challenge as he takes some of his team and a handful of fresh recruits on a new adventure.

The series will catch up with players from the first series such as Sean, Ben and Adnan and find out who has kept up with the game. Filming will also capture how the fortunes of the cricket club Freddie transformed have changed.

More details on both shows will be revealed in due course.


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