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Call The Midwife returns this weekend on BBC One. Here's a press interview, courtesy of BBC Media Centre.


Can you give us a short summary of Lucille's journey during series ten?

"In her personal life, we see more of Lucille and Cyril, which is really exciting. In her professional life, I feel like she takes on more of a senior role. She's very supportive to the junior and trainee midwives."

How does it feels to be a part of the tenth series of Call the Midwife?

"It feels amazing to be a part of the tenth anniversary series of Call the Midwife. We have stood the test of time. And that is kudos to all those involved."

Does one moment stand out from your time on Call the Midwife across the years?

"My favourite moment, I think, has to be my entrance. I came in during the big freeze, trudging through the fake snow and meeting Val and the rest of the characters. That's probably my favourite moment. There are others, but I think that trumps them all."

Do you have a favourite Call the Midwife storyline?

"My favourite storyline is probably the one with Annette Crosby who played Miss Millgrove in series eight. She was a great actress to work with. I loved the scenes we did together. She was wonderful."

What have you learned from your time on the show?

"We learn so many things every day because it's period and it's medical. It was probably just me being naive, but I think in terms of midwifery what I've learned is that it is such a physically demanding job. I really didn't realise that when we first started. Honestly, if midwives don't get free physio, they should! It's so physically demanding, it really is. We all bow down to midwives, don't we? We certainly should!"


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