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Coming to Channel 5 later this year, Women’s Health Uncovered (4 x 60’) produced by Lambent Productions, sees presenter Cherry Healey set out on a bold mission to uncover the secrets and taboos surrounding women’s health.

This series explores the biggest health issues for women, from severe period pains to incontinence – conditions that are often kept hidden. Breaking the taboos and overcoming the stigma, this will be a hands-on and enlightening guide about living with common conditions that many women struggle to speak about.

Lucy Willis, Commissioning Editor Factual, Channel 5, ViacomCBS said: “This timely, brave and ambitious series lifts the lid on some of the plethora of health issues that women suffer from – often in in silence and shame.”

Cherry Healey commented: “To be able to play a part in shining the light on some of women’s most hidden away health issues is a huge honour and I’m so looking forward to meeting the incredible women taking part in the series and going on this journey with them. It is so important to me that we start to destigmatise women’s health issues as a society, and this series, which is the first female focused health show of its kind, will hopefully set a great foundation for getting crucial conversations started!”

Throughout the series Cherry joins a variety of women as they embark on treatments for serious health issues and will also talk to several celebrities who will share their own deeply personal experiences and struggles with varying conditions. Experts will also be on hand to help them understand the condition better and spend time with a fellow sufferer to see the condition from a new perspective.

Each week Cherry will also meet a group of women and set them the challenge of trying out treatments, practical solutions, and products to find out what really works. They’ll each record their experience before returning to reveal what products or treatments have really helped. A practical, helpful, hands-on guide, tested by real women.

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