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Channel 5 have commissioned (another) new dog themed series Underdog To Super Dog. The series, which is currently filming and is due to air in 2024, will be presented by Alan Titchmarsh.

Underdog to Super Dog, described as a touching yet funny series, will follow a group of dogs as they undergo 'transformative training' and 'extraordinary challenges'. The dogs taking part will include homeless and rescue dogs.

Alan Titchmarsh said: "Dogs have played such an important part in my life, both as a child in Yorkshire with a corgi/cairn and border terrier cross at my heels, to bringing up my family with three yellow ­Labradors...

"Their companionship and their resourcefulness are matchless. I am looking forward hugely to watching the development of the dogs in this series as they prove their worth when given the chance to shine."

Denise Seneviratne, Channel 5 and Paramount+ Commissioning Editor, said: “The amazing, transformative stories we will show in the series are true testament to the incredible work of the dedicated trainers and experts, and the dogs themselves who work so hard towards becoming real canine heroes...

Denise continued: "Heart-warming and funny, the dogs will go on a journey of discovery - and not always the ones they had planned on! Alan Titchmarsh will bring inimitable heart to this – he is a huge dog lover, and I am delighted he is part of it."

Transmission details for all shows will be announced in due course.


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