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Channel 5 has announced a new four-part series charting some of Britain's biggest scandals. The 4x90' series will be produced by Rex, part of Zinc Media.

Each episode tells the story of one of the most notorious scandals of the last 30 years, mixing interviews, archive and drama reconstruction.

Episodes include the story of the Neil and Christine Hamilton, Frank Bough’s sex scandals, the Jeffrey Archer scandals, culminating in his imprisonment in 2001, and the John Major and Edwina Currie affair in 2002.'

Lana Salah, Creative Director, Rex says: “We are delighted to have secured our first commission for Rex, which sits perfectly within the label’s remit to create must-watch, returnable series for the broadest possible audiences...

"At Rex, our goal is to make popular innovative television, as well as work with the best programme makers in the country, so the fact that our first commission is with one of the UK’s biggest broadcasters is incredibly exciting.”

Tanya Shaw, Managing Director, Zinc Television, says: “At Rex, and with Lana at the helm, we are committed to creating content that brings a premium sensibility to popular factual and documentaries...

"To have secured our first commission so shortly after launch – and with Channel 5, the perfect home for Scandals – is a huge step towards achieving this.”

Scandals was commissioned by Kit Morey and Kate Ansell for Channel 5.

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