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Channel 5 has commissioned 4 x 60’ series The Pet Psychic, a co-production from Middlechild Productions and Little Hut Studios. Details on how to apply can be found below.

Renowned Pet Psychic Beth Lee-Crowther is on a mission to provide a voice for the nation’s pets. From providing pet therapy to traumatised animals, to finding lost pets and to helping owners to gain a better understanding of their furry friends, Beth will share her knowledge and experience with pet owners across the country – a real life Dr. Doolittle.

Beth Lee-Crowther said: “I've been a professional Pet Psychic for over 20 years. During that time, I have helped so many pets and their owners...

"Pet communication can be particularly useful, not only from animals who are well and happy but also ones who are experiencing behaviour problems, illness, emotional problems and trauma. Pets have a strong sixth sense and know lots about their owners' lives too. I can’t wait to share my role as a pet psychic with Channel 5 viewers.”

David Sumnall, Executive Producer, Middlechild Productions added: “Beth has a really warm way with animals and an incredible ability to understand their needs. Viewers are going to be entertained and amazed in equal measure at this real-life Dr Doolittle. I’m never going to be able to look at my dog in the same way again!”

The Pet Psychic (4 x 60’) Middlechild Productions, commissioned for Channel 5 by Commissioning Editor, Kit Morey. Executive Producer, David Sumnall.

If you’d like to take part in the series, please get in touch at


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