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Channel 5 have commissioned The Motorway Hotel, a 4x60' observational documentary series capturing life on the move in Britain at The Motorway Hotel. The series will be produced by BriteSpark Films.

The Motorway Hotel follows the staff and guests at family business The Moat House Hotel, a commuter hotspot located near the M6. Born out of a 14th Century farmhouse and now an extended site attracting visitors from across the UK, the series follows a diverse range of characters and their eclectic stories at the 24/7 hotel catering for a stream of customers from one of Britain’s busiest motorways.

The reins for the family-run business recently passed over to 26-year-old daughter Emily from her father and owner of The Moat House Chris, now in his fifties and a reluctant retiree who still likes to keep his hand in.

A third of the 100-strong staff have worked there since the last millennium including sisters Stacey and Kirsty who run the reception and know every finite detail about their regular customers’ requirements and 78-year-old Moat House institution Ida, who washes the pots.

Channel 5's Lucy Willis said: “This is a very human series exploring the team working behind the scenes at The Moat House Hotel, who juggle the everyday challenges of running a hotel alongside one of Britain’s busiest motorways. BriteSpark will take our viewers on an insider’s journey, getting to know the people, stories and struggles that make this hotel tick.”

BriteSpark’s Tom Porter said: “This access-all-areas series is an entertaining and enjoyable journey following the stories of busy Brits on the move today, captured through the fascinating characters, commuters and visitors found in this beautiful hotel beside the M6. We’re delighted to win three new commissions from Channel 5 as we continue to build on BriteSpark’s best ever year in 2022.”

Channel 5 have also recommissioned a second four-part series of Scams: Don’t Get Caught Out, presented by Alexis Conran.

Daniel Pearl commented: “I’m delighted to recommission Scams: Don’t Get Caught Out and to commission a special episode, Holiday Scams: Don’t Get Caught Out. The series is a real wake up call for people who are unaware of the ploys and techniques used by unscrupulous gangs or individuals. Alexis guides viewers through scams to beware of, arming an unsuspecting public with a greater awareness and knowledge.”

More details about both series will be revealed in due course.


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