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Coming later this year to Channel 5, is a brand new six-part series ‘Larger than Life’, produced by Firecracker Films, which follows a loveable cast of plus-sized men and women who are bigger, and proud of it!

Larger than Life is a joyful and thoughtful series and a refreshing alternative to other programming on TV about obesity. The series features a vibrant, larger than life cast and shows what it’s like to be plus-sized in modern Britain, told through the experience of the people who live it.

Denise Seneviratne, Commissioner Editor Factual at Channel 5 said: “It feels liberating to commission a series that is as bold and brave as Larger Than Life that doesn’t wag the finger or talk down to our audience. This series celebrates and embraces all the diverse shapes and sizes of modern Britain.”

This heart-warming and distinctive series follows relatable and positive characters as they navigate their personal and professional lives - like Jo & Nat, who are the best of friends. They met when Jo was a customer in Nat’s shop and the rest is history. The series follows their journey as they try to expand their business; a clothing brand that is specifically designed for plus-size women.

We’ll also be introduced to Jackie – a no nonsense cake boss who has experienced a massive amount of loss in recent years, but is now throwing herself into her business to make it the best it can be. We’ll also meet Biggie, who started his food business in July 2020. He dreams of one day having a food truck and travelling around the UK and eventually owning a restaurant.

Executive Producer, Federico Ruiz added: “We’re incredibly excited to be teaming up with Channel 5 once again to create a brand-new series packed full of joyful and heart-warming characters. Larger Than Life is both fun and mischievous whilst sparking important conversations about body size and positivity.”


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