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Channel 5 has commissioned ITN Productions to produce a new series focusing on the forensic science behind shocking crime scenes.

With unprecedented access, this 6 x 60 landmark observational documentary series, Forensics: Murder Scene, will follow the scientific support team (forensics) and the Homicide Investigation Team of one of the country’s largest police forces - West Yorkshire.

From the moment a murder is reported we film the process from within the blue police tapes at the scene, and the subsequent investigation though the eyes of the forensic team and the detectives determined to crack the case.

As each murder investigation progresses, the series will focus on the forensic clues revealed at the scene to piece together the victim's last moments and provide evidence to find the perpetrator, revealing how these often silent, vital clues help detectives piece together exactly how a murder took place - and most importantly, who committed it. ​​

Each episode will feature one case and will follow the investigation from the 999 call to conviction of the killer.

Caroline Short, ITN Productions’ Head of Regions and Executive Producer said: “This is the first time that West Yorkshire Police and the Regional Scientific Support Services have allowed cameras to follow their teams in this way. We feel really privileged to be working alongside them and showcasing their skills and expertise.”

Guy Davies, Commissioning Editor (VP) Factual at Channel 5 added: “Forensics is at the heart of investigating a murder. The ITNP team will be at the heart of the cases and right through the investigation, as the scientific experts join forces with the detectives to convict the killer. This is blue-chip access which delivers extraordinary storytelling as compelling and fascinating as any crime drama, probably more so.”

Forensics: Murder Scene is produced by ITN Productions, Leeds. The Executive Producer is Caroline Short, Series Producer / Director Jemma Martinez.


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