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This major series marks actor and presenter Alexander Armstrong’s debut on Channel 5 - a major travel adventure as he sets out on the journey of a lifetime deep into the Land of Fire and Ice.

The last country in the world to be settled by humans, Iceland’s unique isolated position has created an equally unique culture. But, as Alexander discovers, there’s much more to Iceland than Vikings and violently erupting volcanoes (though there’s those too).

Traversing the full breadth of the country he discovers a land of geysers, glaciers, whales, rancid shark meat, mega-spas heated by the earth’s core and eye-wateringly expensive beer - as well as finding out what it's like to live in a country where nearly everyone is, quite literally, related!

Alexander Armstrong said: "I had only visited Iceland once before and that was in the depths of Winter. I adored it then for its landscape - which somehow out-Scotland’s even beautiful Scotland. Iceland in the summer though, is off the chart: the mad beauty of the place is heightened by the eternal sunshine, and there is a manic energy to the place - and a gleam in every Icelander’s eye...

He continued: "This is a country that reminds you, with its people, its ludicrous extreme geography and its constant interaction with the goings on at the Earth’s core, quite how great it is to be alive."

Channel 5's Guy Davies added: "I’m delighted to welcome Alexander Armstrong to Channel 5 and his wit and sense of adventure makes him the perfect tour guide as he sets out on an adventure of a lifetime in the Land of Fire and Ice. With spectacular scenery, extraordinary people and stories, Alexander is a very welcome addition to our Channel’s adventurers."

Alexander Armstrong’s Icelandic Adventure (3 x 60’) will air on Channel 5 later this year.


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