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Channel 5 has today announced a brand-new three-part series fronted by renowned historian and TV presenter Dan Snow, which will bring The World’s Greatest Archaeological Discoveries to life.

Dan Snow will breathe new life into the incredible archaeological discoveries, including Egypt’s Valley of the Kings and the Roman town of Pompeii.

In each episode, Dan will explore the thrilling play by play of each discovery as they reached their crescendo, unpacking these finds on the very spot where they happened and revealing the historical significance to the Channel 5 audience.

Each film will delve into the lives of the archaeologists who made the discoveries and showcase these astonishing feats.

Stepping into the environments that these discoveries uncovered, The World’s Greatest Archaeological Discoveries, will capture the incredible unfolding stories, the twists and turns, rivalries, disasters and triumphs, putting them into the context of the exciting times when the ancient world was being rediscovered.

Dan Snow, Presenter and Executive Producer said: "Nothing ignites a passion for history like a huge archaeological find. So often the news of a new shipwreck, tomb or burial has grabbed the attention of millions of us...

"So now I'm really excited to be uncovering the story behind some of the world's greatest discoveries."

Lucy Willis, Commissioning Editor VP, Non-Scripted UK Originals, Channel 5 & P+, said: “Dan is one of the best story tellers out there and I’m a huge fan. I’m delighted to be joining forces for C5’s first collaboration with History Hit and with such an exciting box set anthology series of incredible discoveries.”

The World’s Greatest Archaeological Discoveries (3 x 90’) was commissioned by Lucy Willis for Channel 5.


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