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Channel 4 have acquired and commissioned a second series of A Royal Guide To... (6x60'), plus two specials of the same format focussing on Scotland and Wales.

From lavish Christmas feasts where everything from swans to wild boar are on the menu, to having a zoo in your own back garden; over the centuries the British Royal Family have lived rather outrageous and opulent lives.

But there are also standards to maintain and a thousand years of tradition to uphold. Each episode covers a different theme offering the British Royal Family’s take on Parks & Gardens, Parenting, Funerals, The Armed Forces, Animals and Christmas, whilst providing a unique insight into what it means to be a royal today.

This new season features contributions from commentators, historians, and royal journalists, as well as individuals who have lived and worked as part of the Royal Household.

Koulla Anastasi, Managing Director, Woodcut International said: "This second series delves deeper into the Royal Family’s intriguing traditions, providing a fascinating retrospective on their somewhat unusual origins, as well as exploring how things have evolved in present day times...

"We are delighted that Channel 4 is on board for this new season and look forward to presenting it to our international buyers over the coming months."

More details will be revealed in due course.

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