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Channel 4 have commissioned Made In Dubai (6x60') from Angel Eye Media, a new six-part series going behind the scenes of UAE's oldest real estate brokerage.

Made in Dubai will follows the estate bosses and staff at Better Homes as they use their charm and business savvy to sell some of the most opulent homes on the planet.

Dubai counts 52,000 millionaires and billionaires among its three million inhabitants, with new buyers arriving from all over the planet looking for a stunning home or investment opportunity.

The brokers at Better Homes are a diverse mix of massively ambitious expats and international brokers, drawn by a tax-free lifestyle and the chance to achieve life-changing wealth and success. But they need to be on top of their game, ever more inventive and bold to beat the competition and secure a sale.

The risks, as well as the rewards, are high. The team works on a commission only basis, so while some can make £100,000 tax-free on a single sale, if you fail to close a deal, you earn nothing.

Ollie Durrant, Creative Director at Angel Eye Media says: “Dubai is one of the most sought- after places to live and work in the world, attracting people from all over the planet to enjoy a luxurious, tax-free lifestyle. Made in Dubai(w/t) will follow the efforts of the brokers to make their dream a reality, while giving us a sneak peek through the doors of some of the most amazing homes you’ll ever see.”

Rita Daniels, Commissioning Editor added: “This exciting new series will delve into Dubai’s ultra-glamorous, highly competitive real estate world. It’s set to feature the most incredible and stunning properties and hugely talented brokers. We are set to be amazed as we watch them battle to secure outlandishly expensive deals that could potentially earn them eye watering amounts of commission.”

Rick Waind, Group MD of Better Homes says – “Better Homes has had the privilege of selling some of the best homes in Dubai for over 35 years. We are delighted to now be working with Angel Eye and Channel 4 to show the world what Dubai has to offer.”

Made in Dubai (w/t) is an Angel Eye Media production for Channel 4.


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