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Channel 4 has commissioned a new six-part series The Duchess (w/t) from MGM Television following life at home with the Duchess of Northumberland.

With unrivalled access, the series will follow the Duchess as she embarks on a grand project to create a one-of-a-kind whimsical wonderland close to The Alnwick Garden. This new six-part series will grant exclusive access to the remarkable transformation and castle life with The Duchess.

The Duchess of Northumberland comments: "I didn’t think that building anything after The Alnwick Garden could be as challenging but Lilidorei is proving much more complex, trying to explain to a construction team how a hobgoblin or a fairy might behave is proving almost impossible. The aim of Lilidorei is to encourage children to leave their phones in their pockets and to use their imagination - to achieve this the visitor has to enter into a totally believable magical world...

"I am thrilled at the thought of a series that will shine a light on the many attributes that Alnwick and Northumberland have; a wealth of history, incredible castles, beautiful coastline and beaches and vast expanses of wild moorland."

Channel 4's Clemency Green said: “Over the years, Channel 4 has captured so many spectacular renovations and unique buildings that stay in our viewers’ memories. This series promises to follow suit with one the most striking builds we’ve ever witnessed – an entire fairy kingdom in the North East...

"We’re delighted to be welcomed by the Duchess into both her home and her passion project, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of her and her team’s work in this joyful new series.”

More details will be announced in due course.


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