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In the first episode of this hard-hitting new series, Police Custody USA shows how a brutal murder rocks a close-knit community in Kansas City, Kansas.

A man is shot dead point blank in a trailer park on a sweltering Sunday afternoon. Veteran homicide detectives Tiffany Burgtorf and Shane Carpenter find the victim lying in front of his home, dead from a single gunshot wound.

When witnesses report a loud fight and a female fleeing the scene, the detectives begin to suspect that this is a family affair. But who is responsible? Detective Burgtorf presses the victim's girlfriend. Where do her loyalties lie? Which one of her twin daughters was involved in an argument prior to the murder?

With a 19-year-old female now the prime suspect, a large-scale manhunt gets underway. Will detectives be successful in tracking down their teenage suspect, and will she reveal what happened on that tragic day, and why?

The full series of Police Custody USA is available to view on All 4 straight after episode one has been shown on Channel 4 on Monday 28th March.


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