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Channel 4 have commissioned Red Bicycle to produce a 1x60' documentary Britain's Human Zoos, which will shine a spotlight on the troubling history of Britain’s so-called ‘human zoos.

Britain's 'human zoos' became a 'cultural phenomenon' in the late Victorian era and 20th century. The documentary will explore how African and Asian people were transported from their homeland and used as a form of touring entertainment.

Managing Director Paul Berczeller said: "Nadifa handles the subject with such depth and sensitivity, it was remarkable to see her intelligence and compassion come to the fore, exploring these incredibly difficult emotional subjects. We hope the documentary serves as an important reminder that we still have a long way to go."

Channel 4 commissioner Shaminder Nahal added: "This is a story that needed to be told and Nadifa brings the power of a master storyteller to these shocking buried histories...

"As she explores a love story that caused a scandal, an array of fascinating lost figures and the disturbing realities of imperialist fantasy dressed up as anthropology, we come face to face with hard questions about the past that reverberate to the present day."

Presented by Nadifa Mohamed, the single will feature never-before-seen archive footage, images and audio.


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