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In this brand-new take on the world of auction, the most extraordinary items, the most fascinating backstories and the fast-paced thrill of the auction room will be brought together in a new eight-part series – The Greatest Auction.

In a specially created auction arena, the auctioneer will hold court as they sell some of the rarest, most valuable and most unique objects seen on television.

Items will be valued by a specialist team of appraisers – but in a surprising twist, the valuation will only be heard by the viewer. The owner must wait till they enter the auction to find out what their item could potentially be worth.

Alongside a regular roster of some of the most knowledgeable antiques buyers and collectors in the country, viewers will be treated to the thrills of the auction room and the stories behind some of the most sentimental and interesting objects in the UK.

Anna Miralis, Commissioning Editor, said: “This is a fun new format which we hope will bring a fresh take to the world of antiques, luxury items and rarities and we are looking forward to revealing some of the most interesting finds and stories that I am sure will blow audiences away.”

Camilla Lewis, Executive Producer for Curve Media, said: “I am hugely excited to build on my previous work on the creation of Four Rooms in making The Greatest Auction - an exciting new way of looking at the world of auction...

We’re looking for a huge range of diverse stories, which will represent the wide variety of heritage, history and culture found all over Britain”

The Greatest Auction is an 8x60” produced by Curve Media for Channel 4.


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