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Channel 4 and Naked (part of Fremantle UK) has announced the commission of 60 Days on the Estates with former Army Captain and explorer Ed Stafford.

Following on from the success of 60 Days on the Streets (March 2019) and 60 Days with the Gypsies (February 2022), the 3 x 60’ series will follow Ed as he moves in with residents on some of the UK’s most infamous housing estates in London, Scotland and the Midlands.

Over the 60 days and nights, Ed will be accompanied by a small crew and, equipped with his own camera, he will set out to capture what it’s really like to live on these estates.

It’s estimated that 17.5* million people in Britain are directly affected by the housing crisis. Ed’s journey will take him to some of the most neglected parts of the country where he will experience first-hand how people are navigating the worst cost-of-living crisis for a generation and how neighbourhoods are impacted by gang violence and addiction. He’ll also witness communities pulling together against the odds to overcome adversity.

Ed Stafford said: “Before I started filming this series, all I really knew about council estates were stories I read in the media about gangs, crime and drugs. I wanted to go beyond the negative headlines and stereotypes to find out what’s really happening on housing estates today and the challenges people are facing. This series has been a real eye-opener for me.”

Ian Dunkley, Commissioner, Factual Entertainment at Channel 4 said: “Ed is a fearless filmmaker who immerses himself in communities who rarely get to share their world on TV. This latest instalment of the hugely important 60 Days series is no different and reveals some shocking truths about Britain today.”

60 Days on the Estates is a 3 x 60’ series produced by Naked (a Fremantle label). It was commissioned by Ian Dunkley, Commissioning Editor for Factual Entertainment at Channel 4.


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