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Channel 4 has commissioned a new Chateau spin-off, Secret France (w/t).

The new 4x60' series, produced by Two Rivers and Chateau TV, will follow Dick and Angel Strawbridge on their adventures across France.

The upcoming Escape To The Chateau series promises to be more heart-warming, with family adventures, innovative renovations and spectacular celebrations from Dick and Angel and their children Arthur and Dorothy.

Dick and Angel Strawbridge add: “Escape to the Chateau has been our family journey; our decision to buy a Chateau with no water, electricity, heating or sewage has taken us on an adventure of a lifetime and we could never have imagined what would unfold...

"The good, the bad and the ugly…we have cherished every second and love that we have a visual record to show Arthur and Dorothy when they’re older.”

Alan Clements, managing director, Two Rivers, says: “Our first Chateau production, Make Do and Mend was a real success story for us resulting in Channel 4’s most successful brand new series launch in its 8pm slot at the time. We are confident that the enduring appeal of Dick and Angel will ensure that a whistle-stop tour around France, with them as their guides, will prove an equal draw for audiences.”

Clemency Green, senior commissioning editor for Channel 4, says: “Across nine series we have seen the chateau rise from its ruins into the beautiful home and venue it is today...

"We look forward to working with Two Rivers and Chateau TV to follow Dick and Angel as they turn their attentions to new projects and new adventures, firstly unlocking the secrets of beautiful France in a brand new travel series.”

Previous episodes of Escape To The Chateau are available on All4.


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