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Channel 4 have commissioned a 1x60' documentary, produced by Amos Pictures, which will explore the rise and fall of disgraced internet sensation Andrew Tate. From former kickboxer, star of Big Brother and internet phenomenon.

Tate, who appeared in the 2016 series of Big Brother on Channel 5, gained millions of followers on social media after posting his self-help and get-rich-quick tips which were all based on misogyny.

He was arrested last month by Romanian Police on suspicion of rape, organised crime and human trafficking and remains detained in a Romanian jail, along with his brother Tristan.

The one-off Channel 4 documentary will have 'full access' to Andrew Tate in the build-up and aftermath of his arrest, as well as investigating the allegations against him. It will include exclusive footage of Tate, and contributions from fans, and parents who are concerned about his impact on their children.

Channel 4's Alisa Pomeroy said: "We are not coming at it from any particular angle, but it’s very important that we explore this subject matter because the debate about Tate is playing out in living rooms across Britain...

"[The producers] are renowned for making very nuanced, intelligent and sophisticated films and that is why we wanted that company to tackle this subject matter in a thoughtful, cleverly journalistic, probing and balanced way."

Producer Dan Meed said: "How Andrew Tate became the most viral influencer on the planet, and what forces and experiences shaped Tate the man (as opposed to the controversy-seeking media icon) is what we're trying to find out...

"This sits at the sweet spot between a tabloid subject and an in-depth, highly-wrought documentary where Amos Pictures is at its strongest in its partnership with Channel 4. Tate has given us full access and we're looking forward to carrying on filming if he gets out of jail in the coming weeks."

Transmission details will be revealed in due course.


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