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A brand new documentary for BBC Two will see Bafta-winning journalist Mobeen Azhar seek to uncover the truth behind the conservatorship that Britney Spears has been held under for the last thirteen years.

Under the conservatorship - a legal arrangement in the US that places an adult under the legal guardianship of another - Britney Spears has not controlled many of the decisions around her finances or her career since 2008.

After setting out on his journey in the autumn of 2020, Britney (w/t) will follow Mobeen as he journeys from Britney’s hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana to Los Angeles, and delves into one of the most passionate fan bases in modern celebrity.

Along the way he attends a court hearing, finding himself in the midst of the ongoing battle between Britney's conservatorship team and the passionate fans behind the #FreeBritney movement. He speaks to those fighting to free Britney and discovers what that means to them, and meets the people closest to Britney herself to learn more about the person behind the headlines.

Mobeen Azhar says: “I went to LA in search of the truth of how Britney Spears, one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, ended up in a conservatorship. I found myself in a world of lawyers, superfans and paparazzi and spent time with many of the people who’ve had a front row seat in Britney’s life. This film taps into the energy of the #FreeBritney movement and questions the industry, fandom and the laws that facilitate conservatorships.”

Britney (w/t) will air on BBC Two later this spring.


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