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Bradley and Barney Walsh are back in their RV for another epic adventure, as the father and son duo return for a brandnew six-part series of the hit ITV show.

On a mission to explore what Europe has to offer, the Walsh boys will aim to experience extremes from the fiery heat of the Mediterranean to the icy tundras of the Arctic Circle, as they embark on their latest trip.

Barney remains determined to push his dad to the absolute limit with more thrillseeking activities, whilst also immersing themselves in the local culture, sharing cosy dinners in the RV and making memories to last a lifetime.

This series Brad and Barney will begin by diving straight in, quite literally, on the beautiful island of Vis in Croatia - where they free dive down to a shipwreck. From catamaran racing in Hungary, to fencing with Olympians and attempting escapology stunts, there is never a dull moment, despite Bradley’s best attempts to put his feet up.

This series promises to be an unforgettable adventure, complete with breathtaking landscapes, heart-warming shared experiences and just a sprinkling of competitive spirit!

Barney says: “Dad and I have so much fun on our travels but I’m not finished with him yet! Europe has so many more adventures on offer that I can’t wait to get Dad back behind the wheel of the RV and see what I can persuade him to do this time.”

Bradley adds: “Making this series is great and I love being on the road with Barney. I don’t know how he gets me to do some of the stuff but I must be very easily led. This time we’re back in Europe and Barney has all sorts of things lined up for us, including Europe’s largest rollercoaster and an escapology stunt. Let’s just say, I’m not overly enthusiastic about all that’s on offer!”


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