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Production company Like A Shot Entertainment, is producing a one off documentary, Black Panthers of WW2, for UKTV's specialist factual channel Yesterday.

Premiering during Black History Month, this 60' minute special is narrated by David Harewood and will also be available on UKTV's on-demand service UKTV Play.

The documentary follows the story of the history-making 761st tank battalion composed of African- American servicemen, the first US armoured unit of its kind to enter combat. Their motto was 'Come Out Fighting' but these US soldiers were not only forced to confront the enemy abroad but also battle racism at home.

The film traces their story back to their formation in a prevailing climate of segregation, and the reluctance of US high command to commit the battalion to battle. It charts their entry into combat where they served for an incredible 183 consecutive days, and their involvement in the Battle of the Bulge, as part of the Allied forces who liberated Gunskirchen. And it follows their return to America, where instead of being greeted as returning heroes, they were confronted by angry white mobs.

Through reconstruction and interviews with historians, descendants and one of the last surviving Blank Panthers - Corporal Robert Andry - the programme reveals the untold story of the black servicemen who changed history.

UKTV's Daniel Thomas said: "I'm thrilled to bring this special one-off documentary to Yesterday to recognise the incredible contribution that the 761st tank battalion made to WW2."

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