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Big Little Journeys | Preview (BBC Two)

Big Little Journeys is a new three-part series for BBC Two and iPlayer following six tiny animals as they travel across rainforests, mountains and wetlands.

The cast of animals includes a family of endangered golden-headed lion tamarins in Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest, the peculiar Madagascan Labord’s chameleon with an extremely short life span of only six months, and in Taiwan, the rare Formosan pangolin – the world’s most trafficked animal.

Against the odds, these animals overcome huge obstacles, giant predators, and natural disasters in their quest for food, family and survival.

Working with scientists and conservationists around the world, Big Little Journeys captures the dramatic adventures faced by these tiny but mighty creatures. The series uses immersive camera systems, surveillance technology, and probe and borescope lenses that shrink the lens down to give a small animal’s view of the world, enabling the little heroes to be filmed in the same style as big animals as they embark upon their journeys in the wild.

Big Little Journeys, a 3 x 60’ series for BBC Two and iPlayer, is made by BBC Studios Natural History Unit and co-produced by PBS. It was commissioned by Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning, Specialist Factual.


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