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Reports: ITV set to air a one-off special celebration episode of Britain's Got Talent this Winter.

The 60 minute special, reported to air as part of ITV's festive offering, will be filmed in London and will feature some of the best talent from Britain's Got Talent since it began in 2007.

Simon Cowell is set to fly over for filming, despite breaking his back earlier this month.

A source told The Sun: “Simon is a total workaholic and even an accident as nasty as his won’t keep him off for long. He’s been working from his home in Los Angeles since the accident happened and is in contact with his team. The plans for this one-off special of Britain’s Got Talent have been in the pipeline for months and he is convinced he will be well enough to take his place on the panel. The show will feature some of the best talent from the start of the series in 2007. Simon has been told to take it easy but he much prefers to be busy. Plus he loves working on BGT, so for him it’s something to look forward to.”


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