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Housemates are gathered in the lounge for this week’s nominations. One by one Big Brother calls each housemate to the Diary Room as they nominate two housemates to face the next eviction.

Giving his nomination to Big Brother, Matty says: “I still find her to be quite loud and sometimes she has disproportionate responses to minor inconveniences.”

Meanwhile, when nominating one of his fellow housemates, Dylan says to Big Brother: “When it came to the Foul Fast Food challenge, I felt that she was taking more time to talk about it than to actually do the challenge whereas everyone else just got on with it.”

Once all of the housemates have nominated, Big Brother says: “Housemates. The rules regarding the discussion of nominations were clearly explained to you. Today at 1:18pm, this rule was broken by one of you. Both of their nominations have been revoked and they will also go to jail.”

Big Brother adds: “The housemate that broke the rule is Yinrun.”

Yinrun stands up and says: “I feel very sorry because it might be a punishment for all housemates. I still say it because I was so nervous today and I don’t know who to choose. I apologise - sorry everyone.”

Big Brother then reveals the THREE housemates facing this week’s eviction. How will the housemates facing the public vote react to the news?


Following her rule break, Yinrun changes into an orange jumpsuit before heading into the garden to spend time in jail. Devastated by the news of her rule break and how her offence has influenced the result of this week’s nominations, Yinrun seeks support from Trish and Matty.

Trish says: “It’s just a bit of jail time.”

Yinrun says: “I don’t mind going to jail if this didn’t happen.”

Trish says: “Yinrun, you’re good. Try not to go into despair or guilt.”

After spending several hours in jail, the housemates begin to protest for her release shouting: “Free Yinrun!”

Will Big Brother allow Yinrun to return to the house? Has she learnt her lesson?

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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