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In the bedroom while most of the housemates are sleeping, Jordan and Henry are awake. Jordan says, “I’ll tell you a secret.”

Jordan then gets out of bed and kisses Henry before swiftly tucking back into bed.

Jordan then asks, “Can’t you come over here?”

Henry goes to Jordan’s bed and responds, “What are you trying to say?” before kissing him again.

Overhearing the situation, Jenkin gasps and comments, “I see them kissing!”

Tom chimes in from his bed, “They were, I saw.”

Jordan then says, “I can’t believe I kissed a Tory.”

Henry laughs in response then both lean in and kiss again.

Later in the kitchen, Jenkin brings up what he witnessed last night in the bedroom.

Jenkin says, “So, did everyone have a good night? Did everyone have a smooch?”

Jordan laughs and then says, “No nothing happened, it’s because you know, we were a bit emotional… whatever happened I don’t remember.”

A few moments later, Jenkin says, “There’s no harm in finding love in the Big Brother house guys.”

Jordan responds, “Hmmm, well I’ve yet to find it.”


In today’s task, every time the housemates are faced with a messy situation, they must clean it up and return the house back to normal as quickly as possible.

If housemates successfully clean up throughout the day, they will be rewarded with a night of indulgent pampering and relaxation. All rubbish must be collected and disposed of through the rubbish shoot in the garden.

When the buzzer chimes signalling the start of the task, Matty and Noky race to the balls contained in a box upstairs. They release the door, creating a flood of balls down the stairs.

Olivia yells, “Matty get up, we’ve got cleaning to do!”

Noky says, “These balls are a sick joke.”

Jenkin says, “Should we all give up?”

To which Olivia and Noky both respond, “NO!”

Olivia says, “I have newfound respect for my parents when I throw a party.”

Matty says, “Should we just give up and then play in the ball pit?”

Olivia responds, “No!”

Tom says, “F*** it, let’s go!”

Olivia and Noky continue to bring balls to the rubbish shoot. Olivia says, “These men, they’re f***ing pathetic.”

Noky says, “Useless. The boys do nothing!”

Back in the living room Jenkin says to Tom and Matty, “Are we all under agreement that Olivia is the one scaring me the most, I’m shitting myself.”

Some of the housemates take the task seriously, desperate for a night of manicures and massages, others… not so much. Do the housemates have what it takes to pass Big Brother’s cleaning task? Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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