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ITV have reportedly struck a deal to revive the iconic reality series Big Brother, according to reports.

Big Brother originally aired on Channel 4 between 2000-2010, before moving to Channel 5 in 2011 and ending in 2018.

New reports from The Mirror say ITV has "struck a deal" with producers for a brand new series in 2023, billed as the "Big Brother for the Love Island generation".

An insider told The Mirror: "This needs to be totally new and fresh. It's all about drawing in a young audience. The aim is to get back to basics and interfere less, with fewer challenges."

A source previously told The Sun: "ITV is the home of big appointment telly. They know better than anyone how to put on big live events. They think putting it on ITV2 will open it up to a new audience and legion of younger fans...

"They are really keen on getting the deal done on Big Brother, and hope to have something firm to announce soon. The talks are still at an early and delicate stage, and the next few weeks will be key..

"It needs the full treatment and they're confident they are the ones who can return it to its legendary former glory. It has millions of fans and is one of the most iconic TV shows of its generation."

In article posted online, Broadcast said in June: "The broadcaster hopes that BB could become a young-skewing programming event of a similar scale to Love Island, but it will not be solely populated by beautiful people like the dating format...

"Instead, its casting will seek to reflect a slice of contemporary Britain and will be based on finding interesting characters."

ITV declined to comment when approached by TV Zone.


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