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Following the critically acclaimed Thatcher: A Very British Revolution, BBC Two announces that it has commissioned BBC Studios to tackle the political movement that dominated the 90’s and 00’s - New Labour.

They have been out of power for over a decade, rejected by the electorate and effectively ejected from their own party but the political phenomenon that was New Labour still stirs strong emotions.

Their political decisions disillusioned the left and infuriated the right, their legacy is shrouded in argument and anger. Prime Minister Tony Blair and political heavyweights such as Gordon Brown, Peter Mandelson, Alastair Campbell, John Prescott transformed our politics and shaped the direction of the country as we entered the 21st century.

This series will attempt to unravel New Labour, understand the motivations and methods of the highly driven and disciplined cadre who seized control of the Labour Party, and then the country. As we try to navigate our fractured, divided political landscape it is time to re-evaluate New Labour, a political idea that for a moment in the late 90’s seemed to be able to unite the country and capture a sense of shared optimism.

This five part series will offer an intimate portrait of New Labour, charting their leadership of the country through a tumultuous period of war and peace, terror and national trauma and exploring their controversial political legacy and the powerful personalities and emotional fault lines that ran through their years in charge in Britain.

Patrick Holland, Controller, BBC Two, says: “Thatcher: A Very British Revolution was an exceptional piece of television, exploring in minute detail and with vivid colour the life of the dominant political figure of her age. I am delighted that Steve Condie and his brilliant team are now embarking on this new documentary project, charting the rise and fall of the New Labour project which became synonymous with the subsequent decades.”

Steve Condie, Executive Producer, BBC Studios, says: “This is a great opportunity to examine the big characters who led New Labour through a politically seismic era, to understand their dramatic personal experiences, examine what they believed in and reveal how they shaped the country we live in today.”


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